Carriage Homes (Sub-taxing district #1)

On October 10, 2017, the District passed a resolution creating the North Range Metropolitan District No 2 Subdistrict 1 (“Subdistrict 1”) as an independent quasi-municipal corporation that is governed pursuant to the provisions of Title 32. The Board of Subdistrict 1 is comprised entirely of the five directors serving on the North Range Metro District No 2’s board.

Subdistrict 1’s original boundaries encompassed 85 carriage homes located on the north side of 104th Ave. On May 13, 2019, District Court approved the expansion of Subdistrict 1’s boundaries to include an additional 165 carriage homes located on the south side of 104th Avenue (Reunion Filing No 34, Amendment No 1). Subdistrict 1 was formed for the purpose of funding (1) the maintenance of the driveways shared by the carriage homes, including snow removal and concrete repair and replacement, (2) maintenance of perimeter fencing around each home lot, (3) maintenance of landscaping on and around each home lot (excluding the fenced in backyard) and (4) removal of snow from the sidewalks located on and around each home lot (excluding any sidewalks within the fenced in backyard). Subdistrict 1 levies an annual property tax mill on these 250 home lots to fund these public services (which are not provided to the rest of the homeowners within the Reunion Community).